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With 57 years of experience, this mother and daughter team guarantees the quality of your new custom jewelry without doubt. Within our store you will find some of the most classic (and classiest) jewelry, as well as some of the world's most unique.

Lainie started learning the art of jewelry-making at the age of 14 in the basement of a neighbor's house. She went on to attend the North Bennett Street School in Boston, Stewart's International School of Jewelry in Florida and still attends workshops and classes on occasion. Now, these many years later, she is a top artisan for the Mel Fisher Treasure Store, and Key West Treasure Chest. In addition, she works with the Mel Fisher Museum in Sebastian, Florida, and the Saba Rock Resort in the British Virgin Islands. Lainie is a partner in SoDu Gallery at 1102 Duval Street in Key West, Florida. The gallery carries local art and is run by six local artists (Lainie, Fran Decker, Leslie Kanter Janis Childs, Karen Beauprie and Sue Handman). You can visit the store online at 1100SoDu Gallery or if you are in Key West please do drop by. Lainie has also been featured at many art shows throughout the years and is, no doubt, a jeweler at heart.

Liza, though daughter first to the one and only Lainie Davia, is also the up-and-coming jeweler. It's in her blood! At an early age, Lainie had Liza working as her appretice; designing, sawing, soldering, setting stones, polishing and creating her own pieces of jewelry. Liza's main interest now is working in silver and her style is distinctly her own. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, an Officer in the US Coast Guard and their son.