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Looking for that perfect gift idea? We'd be happy to help you out. Want to make something special for someone? We can make name jewelry, use your existing jewelry or stones or you can choose one of our current designs and add the birthstone of your loved one.

Getting Married? How about a pair of earrings for each of your bridesmaids? Or a necklace with one of those pearls your mother-in-law loves? If it is a small wedding, how about simple pair of earrings as a wedding favor for each of your female guests... The possibilities are endless. Have an idea? Try us out...

Did you see those emerald earrings? Did you like that silver bracelet? How about something to finish out the set? Generally, if there is a design that you like, we can make it into a set. Whether you want just the earrings and necklace, just the ring and bracelet, or the whole nine yards, it can usually be done. Give us a call and we can let you know if it's possible.

Usually, we would recommend that you take your item to a local jeweler. They can much more accurately tell you how long it will take, what it will cost, and if it can really be done by seeing the item in person (without you spending money on shipping it to us first). If you live near us, however, in the Keys or in Savannah, we may be your local jeweler!